Troopers Using Phone App to Help Combat DUIs

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - Don't drink and drive - it's a message that can save lives.
Tonight, we find out what the National Highway Traffic Safety Association is doing with our Alaska state troopers to help in the fight against drunk driving.

Sgt. Jess Carson; Alaska State Troopers>>"Pretty much anything that seems out of the ordinary can be signs of somebody who's driving impaired."

Drunk driving impacts many lives each day but the National Highway Traffic Safety Association and the Alaska State Troopers are trying to make a difference.

Sgt. Jess Carson; Alaska State Troopers>>"One of the things that people need to do whenever they realize they're impaired is, try to come up with a solution to get home safe. 'NHTSA' has released the app, it's free to everybody and you can download it onto your Android or Apple phone, it's called Safer Ride."

When the fun ends at the bar, the Safer Ride app is a convenient way for you to call a taxi or a friend to get you home safely, because the cops will be out.

Sgt. Jess Carson; Alaska State Troopers>>"This is an important issue for everybody in this community and the big reason is because there's a lot of tragedies out there every day but D-U-I's this is something that is 100 percent preventable and if an individual can simply call a cab or get a friend to give them a ride home and not drive home while they're under the influence, this could be completely stopped."

But this D-U-I fight, has expanded with the legalization of marijuana.

Sgt. Jess Carson; Alaska State Troopers>>"Driving impaired isn't just limited to alcohol, we've had an increase in drug related D-U-Is over the last several months and those are people who are either smoking marijuana or doing some other drug."

There is not stereotypical age range when it comes to driving under the influence.
Sergeant Carson says, when his team is working on D-U-Is, they contact people from all walks of life.
This is Julia Laude reporting.