Trial for the Man Accused of Shooting FPD Sgt. Allen Brandt Started Today

FAIRBANKS, Alaska - The jury selection for the trial of a man accused of shooting Fairbanks Police Sergeant Allen Brandt in October of 2016 started today.
Anthony Jenkins-Alexie is charged with first degree murder.
Brandt was expected to survive the attack, and even spoke at the City Council meeting a couple of weeks after the incident.
Unfortunately, a few days later, Brandt died from surgical complications.
According to charging documents, Jenkins admitted to the crimes and apologized to Brandt and his family.
He stated the reason for the shooting was to seek, "vengeance from FPD for taking my relatives lives and closest friends.”
Jury selection will likely not be finished until the end of this week at the earliest.
We will continue to follow this trial as it proceeds.