Trial continues for North Pole man accused of killing his son

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - The trial of a North Pole man accused of killing his son in May of 2015 continued Wednesday. Christopher Sadowski is charged with first and second degree murder. The eighth day of Christopher Sadowski's trial began with testimony from a State Medical Examiner.

"We certified the cause of death was blunt force and thermal injuries of head, torso and extremities," said State Medical Examiner Dr. Ken Gallagher.

Sadowski reportedly told Troopers the burns were accidental and had come from a shower that had been too hot, and the bruises from his son playing. But Dr. Gallagher testified that was unlikely.

"It would be unusual to see that amount of contusions from every day activity," he said.

Sara Simpson took the lead as State Prosecutor, asking Dr. Gallagher to describe what he observed during his autopsy of Sadowski's son. The jury was shown pictures taken in the emergency room as well as during the autopsy while Dr. Gallagher was testifying. Justin Racette represents Sadowski and during his cross examination he focused primarily on the injuries. One question he asked of Dr. Gallagher was whether the major injuries observed on the boy would have been fatal on their own.

"I think that without the head trauma, the burns by themselves could be fatal without proper treatment, and I would refer you to talk with a treating clinician about the treatment methods. And certainly the head injury by itself, with subarachnoid hemorrhage also, can cause death by itself," he said.

Dr. Gallagher's testimony concluded just before noon and after a brief recess a new witness was called. The trial is set to continue Thursday morning.