Toien runs for governor, pledges to protect PFD

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - As we wait for the last ballots to be counted and the election results to be confirmed for the Municipal Election, we now prepare for the general election coming up on November 6. There are four candidates running for Governor, recently Sara Tewksbury sat down with Libertarian candidate Billy Toien.

We asked Libertarian candidate Billy Toien why he is running for Governor.

"Not because I really want to be a governor, but I'm willing to go in there and do the job because no one else will and because I can, I must," he said.

Toien says he pledges to protect and restore the PFD.

"In addition to the PFD, much of the revenues brought in from stocks bonds and investments, from these assets which are now off-budget would be distributed to the Alaskan people," he said.

Toien believes giving the people more freedom will help boost the economy and quality of life.

"Everyone can contribute, and when they're not obstructed by needless stifling red tape, excessive licensing fees, restrictions, the economy thrives, income, you don't have a lot of the crime and drug problems," he said.

Billy Toien will face Mike Dunleavy, Mark Begich and Governor Bill Walker.