Three schools placed in 'sit tight' due to police activity at the hospital

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska Three schools were placed in 'sit tight' yesterday (Thur) due to police activity near the hospital.

According to the school district -- Hunter Elementary, Ryan Middle School and Lathrop High School were secured in response to a call from the Fairbanks Police Department about police activity at the hospital.

Barnette Magnet School was in the process of receiving the "secure the building" message when police called to give the all clear.

The initial call from police came at 8:30 a-m, and the all clear message came a few minutes later.

Sharice Walker, F-N-S-B School District Director of Public Relations, said the district sent a text message to parents of students at these schools, informing them that the schools had briefly gone into 'secure the building' in response to police activity at the hospital... and that they were back to normal operation.

We reached out to the Fairbanks Police Department for clarification -- but as of news time, we have not received a response.