The Fairbanks City Council has finally reached a verdict to the Anti-discrimination ordinance

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - The Fairbanks City Hall was filled Monday night with residents who came in support and against Ordinance 6093. Some members lining up at 10:30 AM to ensure a spot in public testimony.

"So this whole hour can be dedicated to 6093 testimony which we've heard before, we want to do it again to start the meeting," said Fairbanks City Mayor Jim Matherly.

With the room filled to capacity, other residents awaited in the halls to hear the results over the PA.

"And so what you are doing with this ordinance is you're setting up activists to go after Christians," said a resident opposed to the ordinance.

"I believe that everybody has their understanding of what normal is, this is normal for me, this is normal for a lot of people," said a resident for the Ordinance.

"You're forcing many to shop online, avoid public facilities, implement policies they never would have dreamed of before their businesses, and refrain from honest conversation for fear of retaliation," said an resident opposed to the ordinance.

"I often find myself wondering what would happen if we as a people started actually loving our neighbor despite their differences. And left the judgment up to god, or whatever higher power you believe in," said a resident for the ordinance.

"Men are invading the private spaces because of laws like this, and that you guys opening the door, and you are giving an invitation to come into the bathroom, that that is what we've seen," voiced a concerned Fairbanks resident.

After two hours of public hearing, the meeting proceeded with council member’s comments.

"I want to hear from each council member who held up their hand," Said Matherly.

The council voted on changes to housing, adding language to dress code and solidifying religious exemptions, and made changes to the number of employees a business may have in order to be exempt from the legislation.

"Motion passes, ordinance 6093 passes," said Mayor Jim Matherly.

After Much Deliberation And Changes To Amend The Ordinance The Council Voted 4-2 With Members Jerry Cleworth And David Pruhs Voting Against The Ordinance.

The City Of Fairbanks Is Now To Adopt The Non-Discrimination Ordinance That Mirrors The State Capital Juneau's Anti-Discrimination Policy, Creating Eight Sections Of The Fairbanks General Code Extending Equal Rights And Protections To Those Of The LGBTQAI Community Among Other Demographics.