The EPA Proposes To Withdraw Imposed Restrictions

The Environmental Protection Agency is proposing to withdraw a ruling it made.
If finalized, it would have imposed restrictions on the discharge of dredged or fill material associated with the potential "Pebble Mine" in Alaska's Bristol Bay watershed.
The E-P-A is seeking public comment on whether to withdraw the Proposed Determination.
The agency is consulting on the proposed withdrawal with federally-recognized tribal governments of the Bristol Bay region, and with Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act Regional and Village Corporations with lands in the Bristol Bay watershed.
The public comment and tribal consultation process allows the E-P-A to hear from the public before final decisions are made.
Meanwhile, Jason Metrokin, C-E-O of Bristol Bay Native Corporation, said the corporation wants the E-P-A to extend the comment period to no less than 120 days, and to hold hearings in the region so the people of Bristol Bay can adequately express their opinions.