Teen took the stand in Grundwald murder trial

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska (KTVF) Taking the stand in his own defense today was Bradley Renfro, one of the four teens charged in the 2016 murder of David Grunwald near Wasilla. For the majority of the day in the Fairbanks Superior Court, Renfro told his perspective of the events that led up to the death of 16 year old, Grunwald. According to his testimony Renfro was not sober at the time of the murder, making all the details hard to recall.

"I don't remember how many times Dominic hit him but he hit him.. 7? 10 times? And he just, like... it all happened so quick I didn't really know, like, what was going on, " said Renfro. During his testimony, he repeatedly talked about how he was also at risk, saying he didn’t know what to do when his friends started beating Grunwald to death. Defense Attorney, Chris Provost tried to make sure Renfro’s testimony matched up with the investigation interviews. "We started at the 12/6 interview and about the question I had was, what you testified about today different than what you did 12/6 acknowledging omissions deceits, even conflicting stories all in the same interview. Go ahead, you had something you had to say," Provost said. Renfro responded with “after we got back into the Bronco, after David was murdered, Austin was telling us all, like, this is serious. I think he understood what he was doing and he said we can’t talk about this to anybody. And if people start getting brought up and he knows about it and you know, like, people start talking to the cops…that David wasn’t going to be the only one to disappear.”

Throughout his testimony, Renfro talked about how he continually was thinking about ways to get out of the situation, which he failed to do. Renfro is expected to take the stand, again, tomorrow for cross examination by the prosecution.

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