Teen pleads not guilty to murdering brother

FAIRBANKS, Alaska - A Fairbanks teen charged with second degree murder and manslaughter in the death of his brother pled not guilty Wednesday.

On the January 7th, 18-year-old Dustin Charley was allegedly involved in multiple fights with his brother, 29-year-old Jonathan Titus.

According to charging documents, Titus started banging on Charley's bedroom door at one point, and forced his way into the room.

Charley said he was scared for his life, so he grabbed a pair of scissors, but decided those would hurt his brother too much, so he chose a small knife instead.

Titus again tried to force his way into the room, eventually opening the door, at which point Charley rushed his brother and stabbed him in the chest, resulting in his death.

According to police, Charley admitted that he knew Titus didn't have a weapon.

He also allegedly told police that he had been thinking about hurting his brother for a month, and that he had been having thoughts about killing everyone, as well as himself.