Teacher Appreciation Week encourages Fairbanks community to reach out to educators

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska (KTVF) This week marks Teacher Appreciation Week. During the nationally observed week of thanks, community members are being encouraged to show teachers they’re appreciated.

Withing the week of acknowledgment, Teacher Appreciation Day falls on May 5th this year. (Alex Bengel/KTVF)

According to Fairbanks North Star Borough Superintendent Karen Gaborik, the week of acknowledgment traditionally includes in-person celebrations, including “lots of sugar and carbs.”

“There’s usually lots of festivities at a school,” she said.

But this year appreciation is encouraged virtually. Gaborik said she’s “encouraging parents in the community to thank teachers as well and to maybe pop on zoom when their kids are on zoom doing a class meeting and say ‘thank you.’”

This school year has brought unique challenges to teachers in Fairbanks and around the nation. Gaborik said, “I think our teachers do a great job of connecting with kids and families throughout the year, but especially during this whole COVID-19 situation. Teachers have had to turn on a dime and go from a traditional model of teaching and wrapping their heads around what learning would look like to a remote model.”

The superintendent explained what she sees as an important role for educators. “Teachers have kind of been this glue in our community, helping keep our whole community connected. And so I think it’s really important to thank them for doing that,” she said.

Gaborik went on to say, “Even if you don’t necessarily have a child in school, everybody knows a teacher, right? So just reach out and text them, or email them, or do a little social media post and just thank them for doing this amazing job.”

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