Taking a Look at Thanksgiving Costs

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - We're getting closer to Thanksgiving, and it's time to look at preparing your holiday meal.
Julia Laude hit the shelves to see what impact this November feast can have on your wallet.

With the outpouring of support for the Fairbanks Community Food bank this Thanksgiving, I wanted to see how much this holiday meal actually costs.

I got my cart. I got my shopping list and the first thing on the list is of course corn and green beans.

We're starting out with one dollar and 58 cents this shopping trip.
Next I'm taking advantage of this sale on cranberries and stuffing.
Fried onions for those of us who like green bean casserole.
Then we have some canned yams and some fresh baked bread and of course butter to go with our bread and mash potatoes.
And of course we can't forget about the pumpkin pie, but it wouldn't be Thanksgiving without the turkey.
And when all is said and done this haul came out to 48 dollars and 11 cents, and that's looking for the cheapest prices.
But even with the sales, for some families, it's not enough.
For the Fairbanks Community Food bank, Thanksgiving is one of the biggest times of the year for the non-profit.

Anne Weaver; CEO - Fairbanks Community Food Bank>>"Our typical day is 15 to 30 volunteers on site every day and we must have that. The week of Thanksgiving we're looking at 75 to 100 on site every single day and we must have that because on that Wednesday before Thanksgiving we're going to give out, instead of 60 food box orders, which helps about 200, 250 people, we're going to be looking at 2,200 food box orders which helps about 2,000 people and so we're building up Monday, Tuesday Wednesday we build up for a big distribution."

The Food Bank is close to its goal, asking for the community's help with 48 more turkeys and 722 canned yams.
This is Julia Laude reporting.