Statewide cellphone alert test scheduled for Oct 3

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - In the coming week, residents may notice an unusual sound emitting from their cell phones. On October 3, there will be a test of the Wireless Emergency Alert System. The test was originally scheduled for September 20, but was postponed due to relief efforts in the wake of hurricane Florence.

It will begin at 10:18 a.m. Alaska time, and will conclude two minutes later. A test of the Emergency Alert System will soon follow over television and radio. Alaska residents are asked to complete a survey online after the alert. Jeremy Zidek with the Alaska Division of Homeland Security told us what the survey entails.

"Alaska is different, we have the most modern technology working along side legacy systems and then we have a vast geographic area to send these signals over so the way it performs in the lower 48, may not be the way it preforms here in Alaska and that is why we are conducting the survey, to determine what the reach of these wireless emergency alerts are," he said.

Information about the survey is available at the Alaska Division of Homeland Security website