State legislators back local businesses with letter to Alcohol and Marijuana Control Office

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska (KTVF) Eleven legislators including Senator Scott Kawasaki sent a letter to Director of the Alcohol and Marijuana Control Office, Erika McConnell on Monday to voice their thoughts on the proposed

changes to regulations from the Alcoholic Beverage Control Board. The proposed changes would define a section referencing what activities are prohibited in distilleries and breweries and other tasting rooms. It defines “other recreational or gaming opportunities” to include festivals, games and competitions, classes, parties unless they are private, presentations or performances and other types or organized social gatherings that are advertised to the general public.

In the letter Kawasaki along with 10 other legislators request requesting that the board put the regulations on hold and allow the legislature to deliberate and handle the issue if needed in the next legislative session. The letter states that if passed, the change in regulation would conflict with the intent of the law as it was passed. The legislators say “many of us helped work on these bills and believe brewers and distillers are acting in accordance with legislative intent.”

McConnell said in an email statement, “the letter will be provided to the Alcoholic Beverage Control Board as a public comment on the regulations draft.”

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