State Marijuana Industry Roiled by Federal 'About-Face' on Enforcement

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - Sessions is rescinding several memos that discouraged U-S attorneys from prosecuting marijuana cases.
This puts federal and state laws in conflict again, and places thousands of marijuana businesses at risk.
It's unclear whether or not this will lead to more prosecutions, but it could potentially change the attitudes and approach of federal attorneys charging marijuana cases.
Local marijuana control board member and business owner, Brandon Emmett, says he doesn't believe this is a fight the federal government should take up.

Brandon Emmett; Marijuana Control Board Member, Business Owner >> "I definitely don't think that marijuana use would decrease. We've seen positive statistics from marijuana regulation. We know that crime is down, we know that opioid deaths nationally are down. And so far as organized crime, the cartels, they're divesting from the marijuana business. So I think that Jeff Sessions just really needs to get with the times and realize that his disdain for marijuana is not supported by facts."