State Environmental Conservation Proposes New Clean Up Levels for Firefighting Foams

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - The State of Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation is proposing new clean up levels for six fluorinated chemicals, known as PFAS, found in firefighting foams. These chemicals have been found in drinking water around the state, including in Fairbanks, and the DEC is making an amendment to their regulations.

The EPA recommends that people don't drink water with concentrations above .07 parts per billion of PFOS or PFOA. The DEC is proposing to include three more chemicals on this list.he new regulations would also establish a separate cleanup level of 400 parts per billion for a sixth compound, PFBS, which according to the DEC, research shows to be less toxic.

Eric Brightenberger of the DEC says these new regulations are intended to help ensure residents have safe drinking water.

"We've been learning a lot about the sites here in Fairbanks and statewide, and we felt that we had enough information and that we needed to act to be able to make sure that people who are affected by these compounds in their drinking water, were getting safe water. So we expanded our regulatory clean up levels to account for that," Brightenberger said.

DEC is accepting public comments on these proposed regulations until 5 p.m. on Monday, November 5.