Spruce Tree Montessori to add 7th, 8th Grades

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - Local education institution 'Spruce Tree Montessori School' will be offering a new junior high program beginning in the fall of 2018.
Staff have been working to expand the Montessori school for three years.
Students will learn through a combination of direct one-on-one and small group instruction, with peer ages ranging from 12 to 15.
Students can expect to partner with professionals from various local vocational, artistic, athletic, and technical fields.
Staff will start accepting student applications for 7th and 8th grade on November 9th of this year, with the first day of school expected to be September 4th of next year.
Founder of the Spruce Tree Montessori School, Sabrina Binkley, says this new program has been modeled after what are called 'Sport schools.'
She went on to say students in the program will get to truly explore their passions.
Sabrina Binkley; Founder - Spruce Tree Montessori School>> "We are going to offer a journey track and what that means is that students opting into our journey track option, will have the opportunity a couple days a week, schedules are still in development, we would transport them to perhaps the pool for a swimmer journey track or the hockey rink for a hockey players journey track. Having the opportunity for kids to work outside of the school on those passions, whether it be in athletics or music or art. So that's something we're really most excited about is the real life connections that we might be able to make but also for those students are interested in furthering their musical or athletic career, this will give them the opportunity for additional practice, dry land opportunities, work out with mentor coaches outside of their evening time so that families can enjoys those evenings after practices together as a family."