Solid Waste Division proposes change at public assembly meeting

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - The borough's Solid Waste Division has two ordinances coming before the borough assembly at their next meeting on October 11. One of the ordinances deals with replacing fencing and roads along their 252 acre Solid Waste Facility that have been impacted by frost heaving and permafrost melting.

The other ordinance seeks to rebuild two pieces of heavy equipment and purchase a new one. The maintenance totals over $3 million and is part of the long-term plan to keep the land fill running for another 40 years. Assistant Solid Waste Manager Shann Jones, says the money they are appropriating is money that's already part of the solid waste program.

"The solid waste disposal enterprise fund is money that we already have in our budget to replace equipment and do maintenance at the landfill on a regular basis, so that we don't fall behind," he said.

There will be a public hearing at the assembly meeting on October 11.