Soldiers Still Barred From Local Night Club After Ownership Change, Rebranding

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - A Fairbanks night club labeled a 'nuisance property' by police is being sold - but military leaders say it will still be off-limits to local soldiers.
The club, long known as 'Kodiak Jack's and the Boomtown Bar and Grill', will be renamed 'the Spur and Tony's Sports Bar' under the new owners.
In late 2017, Fairbanks Police classified the bar as a nuisance property based on the large number of police calls associated with the business.
But then-owner Rick Mensik said he would work with the city to improve security and make changes to internal policies to try and combat the bar's reputation as a hot spot for police activity.
In response to Mensik's plans, the city signed off on the renewal of the bar's liquor license shortly before its sale was announced.
The bar's sale raised questions about whether an off-limits order issued by Fort Wainwright leadership would remain in place for local soldiers.
On Friday, military officials verified the bar will remain off-limits until the 'Armed Forces Disciplinary Control Board' meets and makes a final determination.