Senators Comment on Dunleavy's Proposed Budget

FAIRBANKS, Alaska - The Senate Minority held a press conference Monday to comment on the proposed budget by Governor Dunleavy. Senate Minority leader, Tom Begich of Anchorage, said this budget is a starting point, not an ending point and that most people down in Juneau don't take it seriously. "The legislation required to make some of these changes, much of it, is not likely to pass, because that legislation would be harmful to all Alaskans, and I think that my colleagues here in this building, whether Republican, Democrat, or Independent, whether in the House or the Senate, do not believe that the future of Alaska should be sacrificed so easily, as I have told audiences around the state, over the last three or four days, if you love this budget, you can't possibly like Alaska," said Begich.

The Co-chairs of the Senate Finance committee released a statement representing the Senate Majority regarding the proposed budget. Republican Senator von Imhof said "the budget is only part of the picture, the Senate Finance Committee will be tracking and analyzing how the budget and other proposed appropriations and constitutional changes interact to affect the health of our state's economy. While it is too early to understand all the impacts today, we're committed to taking the time to fully analyze and thoroughly vet these proposals."