Senator Sullivan Addresses State Legislature

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - Senator Dan Sullivan spoke before a joint session of the Alaska state legislature at today’s annual address. Sullivan's remarks ranged from the economic potential of Alaska, to his work on the 'choose respect' initiative- working to end domestic violence and sexual assault.
He also referenced the national leaders he brought to Alaska this past year -- such as the former secretary of defense, and secretary of the air force.
During a press conference following the address, Sullivan commented on president trump declaring a national emergency on the southern border.

"Where I'm looking the most, is at this issue of where the funding is going to come from, directly to your point, and I would have concerns particularly, if it's coming out of Alaska military construction, which is not only important for our state, it's really important for the national security of the country," said Sullivan.

Earlier in the week, Senator Lisa Murkowski and Chief Justice Joel Bolger also addressed the legislature.