Senator Lisa Murkowski Speaks at Alaska National Lab Day

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - Collaborative research was the focus at Alaska 'National Lab Day,' an event focused on bringing together labs across the country, the Department of Energy, and researchers from the University of Alaska Fairbanks.
Senator Lisa Murkowski made this National Lab Day a priority in Fairbanks, with a focus on solutions for some of the energy challenges that Alaska and the country currently face.

"We are this living laboratory and we are the perfect proving ground for so much of it, so if you are looking to prove a concept or demonstrate a new technology, chances are if you can make it work here, you can make it work practically anywhere else," said Murkowski.

Murkowski mentioned how Alaska is not only innovating new technologies but sharing them with communities in other parts of the country and this meeting hopes to foster that even more.

"Making connections with people in Alaska in the business community, in the local communities, and the universities, on what are the different strings of research that are particularly interesting here and what are the needs for Alaskans and what do we have in terms of capabilities around content at our national labs, whether it's our people, our technology, or our facilities," said Paul Dabbar, Under Secretary of Science, Department of Energy.

Two collaborations of this type at UAF were announced today, a 7-million dollar grant from the Department of Energy, and a five year collaboration agreement with Pacific Northwest National Laboratory. These projects are focused on recovering oil sources from the North Slope, as well as generating energy from ocean and river waters in Alaska.