Science Lectures to Highlight UAF Research

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - The UAF Geophysical Institute receives over 40 million dollars every year to conduct research that covers topics like volcanic activity, earthquake information and the aurora forecast.
Starting Tuesday January 30th, university scientists will be sharing their research with the community at their annual lecture series.
Scientists will give presentations every Tuesday at Raven landing.
They'll tell guests about what the UAF satellites do and the information they download, as well as how UAF just shot off four rockets to study the aurora.
They'll also talk about shifting weather patterns in Alaska, beaver colonization in the Arctic, and how shrinking glaciers are affecting Alaska's coastal ecosystems.
Presentations are about 45 minutes long, plus 15 minutes for questions.
The events will take place every Tuesday night at 7 pm for the next six weeks; they're free, and appropriate for all ages.

Sue Mitchell; Public Information Manager>>"It's great to see people get excited about it and think 'Oh, I never knew you did that', you know, 'I never knew the university had the only university owned rocket research range in the world.' Or maybe they've heard of it but they didn't really understand what we did out there. So, those kind of ah-ha moments where people come and they say 'Oh, that's so cool', I love seeing that and giving the researchers a chance to share their excitement about what they're learning."