School Board talks CTE classes

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - Earlier this week, we introduced you to the Career and Technical Education Program in the Fairbanks North Star Borough School District.
At Tuesday evening's meeting, the School Board learned more about the classes, and voiced concerns about the expanding program.
Here's what they had to say.

Some of the main concerns of the board are the integration of math skills and whether students are learning the proper math for professions like construction.
Daniel Domke is the Career and Technical Education Director for the district.
'Algebra for the Trades' is one of the many classes, Domke says students can take.
Board member Sean Rice says it's working.

Sean Rice; Board Clerk>>"One of the things, why I ran 10 years ago to be on the school board, is I got tired of my apprentices coming out and saying it is 16 inches and seven of those little slashes. There's a lot of math involved. We be out there with shovels and stuff like that but we still need to know what a two percent grade is."

Diversity within classes is also a concern for board members.

Wendy Dominique; Board Member>>"I've come to a couple of your graduations and I don't see very much diversity, are we building on that is is it about the same?"

Daniel Domke; CTE Director>>"We still struggle at the base line of diversity with male/female and there's still some pretty traditional models about what jobs are, I mean I'm just being honest here in front of the board, but you know what jobs are for men and what jobs are for women.
If we look at ethnic diversity, in our intro to trades classes we've had a pretty strong representation of ethnic diversity there, although I will say African American diversity in our CTE fields has always been a struggle."

This is Julia Laude reporting.