School Board Discusses Shooting Threat

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - Tensions were high yesterday at Lathrop high school, with police and state troopers posted at various schools across the district.
This came as a result of a threatening note found and turned in by students that indicated a school shooting was planned.
Superintendent Karen Gaborik and district administration worked closely with law enforcement to keep students safe in anticipation of the potential threat.
At Tuesday evening's school board meeting, Gaborik updated board members on the status of the note.
Here's what they had to say.

Allyson Lambert; Board Vice President>>"You see something, you say something. That's the motto. That's what everybody says and that's exactly what happened so thank you to them for bringing this incident to our attention and because it is such an extremely serious situation."

Wendy Dominique; Board Member>>"Whenever something like this happens on our school, it's tough. It's close to home, we all have kids in these schools and we want to make sure they're all safe."

Sharon McConnell; Board Member>>"That is one of our first concerns as school board members is the safety. There was a lot of talk about it and I appreciate what's being done to address that."