Santa’s Helpers Charity Asks for Community’s Help

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - A local non-profit is asking the community for donations to support families this holiday season.
'Santa's Helpers' is group of volunteers that collect and distribute food and toys to those in need during Christmas time.
This is the organization's second year, and they are asking the public for donations of children's presents, as well as money for food boxes.
Their goal is to raise $50,000 dollars, and $4,000 presents for 250 families across the interior.
Many of the Santa's Helpers volunteers were originally part of Santa's Clearing House, which was closed down after the 2013 holiday season.
A chairperson on the board, Bill Hunt, says he participates because of the help he received from the charity in the past.

Bill Hunt; Santa's Helpers Chairperson>>"When my kids were born, I was a single dad with three daughters, so I got a lot of help from the community. Once my youngest one turned 18, I decided to give back to them. I became a Santa Claus and started helping families at Christmas time. When this happened to the Clearing House, which helped me a lot when my kids were young, I decided to take this over and re-build it."

To find out how to refer a family, donate, or volunteer, you can email or you can search for them on Facebook at 'Santa's Helpers AK'