Safety Encouraged This 4th Of July Weekend

Alaska State Troopers, Fairbanks Police, and the department of Transportation & Public Facilities are teaming up this weekend to remind people to travel safely over the 4th of July weekend.

The 4th of July weekend tends to be a time when there can be an increase in fatalities.

According to DOT communications director, Meadow Bailey, law enforcement will be stepping up their game by having more police on the roads this weekend.

DOT & Public Facilities will be putting out reminders of safety - whether that be signs, flashing message boards, or other safety additions.
All of this is intended to help drivers stay on the road.

"Overall it is driver behaviors so its drivers who are driving intoxicated, driving too fast, or aren't wearing seatbelts and so we take the opportunity this weekend to remind people that this is a weekend when we see an increase in fatalities. We ask people to slow down, to drive for the conditions, to not drive impaired so don't drink or use drugs before you're driving and to make sure your wearing your seatbelt and that your passengers are wearing their seatbelt. It makes a really big difference and we just want to remind everyone as they get ready to travel for the 4th of July weekend."