River Watch Team Says Risk to Villages is Low

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - Good news from the team monitoring the Yukon River, they say risks of ice jams and flooding to villages has now passed.
The river watch team has returned home to Anchorage now that their job surveying the Yukon is complete.
This is video from the first river watch team as they followed the ice breaking up up from Eagle to Stevens Village. Since there was no threat to communities, they didn't have to extend the trip any longer.
The lower Yukon team is not even going to head out since officials say there is no need to spend the money to charter flights when the risk is so low, but if anything changes, they will jump back into action and conduct the flight.

Jeremy Zidek, from the Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Management, says favorable conditions led to a low-risk break up season. "The forecast called for low to moderate risk of flooding this year and it looks like things have worked out in our favor, water levels are very low, ice is degrading in place, when we see high water levels and really solid ice, there is a big concern for flooding, but we're just not seeing those conditions in spring of 2018," said Zidek.

The Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Management will no longer focus on break up, but will now start monitoring what could be another busy wildfire season.