Residents worry borough assembly will overturn proposition 3, 4

FAIRBANKS, Alaska - After the Municipal Election last week, there was buzz online that the Borough Assembly was trying to overturn Propositions 3 and 4, which the voters passed. Residents believed that the assembly was trying to overturn the propositions after they saw the agenda for a special assembly meeting happening this coming Thursday, which said that the assembly will discuss with the Borough Attorney, possible legal challenges and the implementation of Proposition 3, an ordinance establishing maximum allowable tax revenues, and Proposition 4, an ordinance enacting the Home Heating Reclamation Act.

According to a press release from the presiding officer, Kathryn Dodge, the intention of the special assembly meeting is to receive a briefing and discuss the implementation of these propositions, not to overturn them.

Dodge said, "It's really complicated. Think of how many hours we spent putting all of these rules and regulations into place, and now we need to disentangle them very carefully and we want to make sure that we're honoring the initiative. So essentially, we're scheduling a meeting so that we can have that conversation."

Dodge says the borough attorney has told them that no one has come forward to initiate anything towards overturning the propositions.