Residents voiced their thoughts on Ordinance 6093 at Fairbanks city council meeting

The Fairbanks City Council meeting got underway Monday night as the chamber filled with residents waiting to voice their thoughts and opinions on ordinance 6093. This ordinance is intended to eliminate discrimination and vow for equal rights in employment, housing, and public accommodations.

Here's what some of last night's residents had to say.

“We don’t hate them we love them. but we also wish that they could come home. Because in the long term, we hope that we can achieve salvation and eternal life.”

“Lets stop having to fight for basic human rights and dignity, because that is what we are here talking about. Humans, Real Humans. With real human hearts and minds, and human feelings, and human families. No One here is lesser than anyone else.”

“He stated he felt like a woman today, so he was in a woman’s locker room.”

“To be able to walk down the street and feel comfortable, I’m not going to go punch a religious person, but there are a lot of people with those beliefs that will come harass me.”

The Ordinance is scheduled to be voted on by council members on February 25th.