Residents gather for annual Friendship Day

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - Many residents gathered to watch a variety of cultures represent their heritage with dances, food, and song at this year's annual 'Friendship Day'.

Crowd gathered to watch the many cultures around Fairbanks come together under one roof to celebrate heritage, customs, and Friendship.
People wore traditional garments, sang, and danced to music from the countries they represented.

Oyuka Bernabe engaged the audience with her rendition of a traditional Mongolian dance.

She is originally from Mongolia, and has recently made Fairbanks her home.

"Of course it is my own language, what we grew up with, when we talk we just say our language, and our clothes and costume, and our feelings, what we believe, what we love, how we grow, it's very important," said Bernabe.

The many countries represented at International Friendship Day stretched around the world.

People came together and brought an insight to some of the native dances from Russia, to India, China, and the Phillipines, to name a few.
Patrons were als able to enjoy foods from around the globe.

Bernabe says her husband is from Peru, and they strive to embrace both cultures in their home.

"I have Just new born baby, he is just six weeks old and every time I sing my Mongolian language, instead if I'm singing twinkle, twinkle, I sing Hey booayaabo. It keeps him relaxed and sleep. And he listens and my kids listen and they really love it and they're learning the language," said Bernabe.

Barnabe says International Friendship day is a way for the community to get to know each other, meet new people and enjoy the cultures represented around Fairbanks.