Residents Flock to Sam's Club as Closure Looms

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - The Interior has seen a flurry of residents rushing to the closing Sam's Club to stock up on the essentials.
Rhiannon Walker was there today to see the action.
Rhiannon Walker; Reporting>>: Cars filled not only the Sam's Club lot, but spilled over into Blockbuster, the Bentley Mall, and even up into Safeway's parking lots.
People began lining up outside the store nearly an hour before it was even set to open to the public.
With the news of Sam's Club closing on the 26th of this month, people shared why they were there and how they felt.
Laura Smith; Interior Resident>>: "Because Sam's Club carries a few items that I cannot get any other place."
Caitlin Moncrief; Interior Resident>>: "My husband is in the army and I am a full time student, so having a Sam's really helps with the budget, to be able to get every day, regular things for a lower cost."
John Russels; Interior Resident>>: "Going to grab some of the normal stuff for me and the family. We actually have 6 and my wife and I just figured out we are expecting numbers 7 and 8. 95 percent of our shopping happens here."
Rhiannon Walker; Reporting>>: So many businesses and large families who rely on the availability of bulk items, are looking towards other options for obtaining the necessities after the closure.
But most everyone agrees that teaming up for Costco runs is a major way to help each other out.
Jackie Carlson; Owner of Jackie Of All Trades>>: "You know, work with our food purveyors, and work with the actual stores that are still here, talk with the managers, see if they can help us with bulk pricing. Work with anybody who is going down to Anchorage and can do a Costco run."
Laura Smith; Interior Resident>>: "I don't feel like we should be forced into a situation, but we are and the other options is to get a truck and go down to Anchorage just like it used to be, before this was all here."
Rhiannon Walker; Reporting>>: Reporting from Sam's Club, I'm Rhiannon Walker.