Rescue gives unwanted dogs a home here in Fairbanks

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska (KTVF) The Arctic German Shepherd Rescue is a local non-profit that takes in dogs which are abused, neglected, abandoned or unwanted. The owner, Carol, had a German Shepherd in 2005 named ‘Bones’ who she rescued at 40 below zero and nursed back to health, and that started the rescue. Since 2005, she has adopted out 350 dogs.

Some of the dogs that are rescued come from the Lower 48, as well as from throughout Alaska. Whether the dogs come from a shelter or a rescue, Carol will try to take them in and give them a safe home.

“Carol is really good at finding dogs that need help, and she gets them up here,” said volunteer Dave Sanches.

The rescue helps dogs with medical issues and behavioral issues. “For dogs that have behavioral issues, socialization is always a big one, making sure dogs are well socialized with both people and other dogs,” said Sanches.

There are some dogs that have a permanent home at the rescue due to medical issues.

Carol helps prepare the incoming rescues to be ready for adoption. “Sometimes these dogs show up and there may not be any back story, so the vetting process could be up to a month or more on when the dog is ready to go out to be adopted. It could be longer. Sometimes it just takes a little bit longer or it could be a quick adoption process, but Carol really tries to make sure (it's) the right fit with the right family with the dog, to make sure there aren't going to be any future issues or other problems” said Sanches.

Sanches says he has a few dogs from the rescue and likes helping out. “It’s just fun to just help out with the dogs and see them progress, and see them get to good homes” said Sanches. “You really learn about dog socialization and how the dogs end up here Some people or families move, they can’t handle a dog or they can’t take the dog with them, so a lot of them end up here. We learn a lot about dog socialization and what makes them behave the way they do, it’s really interesting.”

Although the rescue focuses on German Shepherds, they do take in other dogs in need. Currently there are two husky puppies available for adoption as well as other adult German Shepherds.

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