Republican Majority Name New Senate President

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The Republicans have been able to maintain control of the Alaska State Senate...
But with the projected loss of Fairbanks Senator Pete Kelly, the majority has chosen a new President.

Senator Cathy Giessel of Anchorage has been chosen to take on the mantle.
Giessel was first elected in 20-10, and has served as the chair of the Senate Resource Committee.
Not counting Pete Kelly, Republicans have 13 of the 20 seats in the senate.
Meanwhile, it is still unclear who will control the Alaska State House.
If Bart Lebon wins the seat vacated by Scott Kawasaki - the projected winner over Pete Kelly - then republicans will have the majority of 21 out of 40 total members.
Lebon was ahead of democratic candidate Kathryn Dodge by five votes as of Friday, November 16th.