Republican Gubernatorial Candidates Participate at Chamber Luncheon Forum

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - Update: Mike Dunleavy won the primary election.

Gubernatorial candidates competing for the Republican spot on the ballot gathered today at the Chamber of Commerce political forum for the upcoming primary election. The candidates were asked questions on topics ranging from a sustainable fiscal plan, to authority over waterways. There was a period of rapid fire questions, in which the candidates raised up a card saying 'yes' or 'no' - followed by questions from the audience.
Marisa Sharrah, the President and CEO of the Greater Fairbanks Chamber of Commerce, told us why it's important to them to hold this forum. "Hosting a political forum is important for the Chamber, A. it's an expectation of our audience, but B. it's a helpful way for the community to get to know these candidates a little bit more, than they can if they're reading an article, or reading a brief thing, whether it's online or in the newspaper, it gives an opportunity for people to hear more conversationally the things that are important to our candidates," said Sharrah.