Regents May Hike University Tuition In 2019

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - This meeting was not meant to finalize the budget, but to request feedback from the Regents.
The current budget draft has a 341-million dollar request from the state, with a five-percent tuition increase.
After consideration of the budget drafts, the board will make a more finalized decision on November 9th or 10th.
According to U-A system President, Jim Johnsen, Alaska leads the nation in students that have some college education, but no degree.
He added that with the ever-changing economy, Alaskans may now have to adapt.

Pres. Jim Johnson; University of Alaska Statewide System >> "For the past 40 years or so, Alaskans who do not pursue higher education, have been able to, in many cases, get high-paying jobs that don't require much if any higher education. And that's changing as our economy changes, Alaska becomes more like the rest of the country, if not more like the world. By needing a highly educated work force to support economic development in the state. Other states and countries have answered this question by focusing on education in general and specific to our mission on higher education."

Johnsen goes on to say, the university will help create a more education focused community with five strategies - increase degree attainment, provide Alaska with a skilled workforce, grow our own research, contribute to Alaska's economic development and focus on the university's cost effectiveness.
This will be done via partnerships with high schools and grants.
The Board of Regents plans to submit its budget to the state for F-Y 19 on November 15.