Red and Green bus lines open with no fares for passengers

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska (KTVF) Starting on Monday, May 11th, the MACS Transit System is opening the Red and Green lines for normally scheduled stops and times. These services are being offered for free in order to avoid using the fare box and maintain social distancing on the buses.

Each bus will have a maximum capacity of 8 passengers at a time. (Alex Bengel/KTVF)

According to Fairbanks North Star Borough Chief of Staff Jim Williams, the two lines were chosen for service because they are the most used in the transit system.

In order to ride these buses, passengers must follow social distancing procedures and wear cloth face coverings. Each bus has a capacity of only 8 riders at a time and all passengers have to load in from the rear doors.

Williams explained that the borough will be watching how the limited reopening goes in order to determine further action with regard to the transit system. “If we need to throttle back we can, and if it seems like that's working all right we may expand a little bit more -- but we're kind of dipping our toe back into transit right now, very lightly,” he said.

“If passengers don’t want to wear a mask, if we have a lot of problems with that, if they don’t comply with social distancing, if we can’t keep the buses clean, [then] there’s some operational issues that we will have to take a look at,” Williams added.

The downtown Transit Center will remain closed. However, bus transfers will still take place there.

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