Recognizing National LGBTQ History Month, FNSB School District passes Resolution

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - The Fairbanks North Star Borough School Board recently approved a resolution to recognize October 2018 as National LGBTQ History Month within the district.

According to the school district, the resolution is intended to create an environment where all students, staff, and community members feel supported and affirmed.

The LGBTQ Resolution was originally presented to the school board by the district's diversity committee. Committee member Alyssa Quintyne was one of the main authors on the resolution.

"It started out in February, our first meeting. We were looking at all the resolutions that the district had adopted, passed and renewed and the list of those. And the one thing that I saw missing from that list among many other communities here in the Interior was the LGBTQ community,” she said.

She said the next resolution on the list will be to recognize and honor those with disabilities in the community.

The School board passes roughly 15 resolutions per year to honor different cultures and heritage. This particular resolution was voted on at the School Board's regularly scheduled meeting on Tuesday.
With 45 minutes of public testimony in favor of the resolution and only 9 minutes of testimony against the resolution, the board saw more positive feedback than negative.

“The real important piece I think that is we want to make sure that all of our students feel safe and accepted at school. The research is very clear that if students do not feel safe, that they don't have strong close body of friends at school, their success rate diminishes,” School Board President Heidi Haas said.

Many residents took to Facebook to share their concerns and appreciation. While there has been some confusion on the document, it in no way changes the adopted curriculum.

“The curriculum that is in place is not being adjusted or modified from its original approval based on this resolution,” Haas said.

Encouraging schools throughout the district to promote a community where all students and staff feel supported and affirmed, this resolution was unanimously passed by the elected board members who were present.