Public library promotes reading through nation-wide event

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - Noel Wien Library, along with the Literacy council of Alaska and KUAC, hosted a free event for the public to commemorate the power of reading. People gathered at Noel Wien Library to celebrate the nation-wide event, The Great American read.

Selected books were compiled into a list of the top one hundred best loved novels, chosen from a national survey. The selected books show the diversity of reader's interests ranging from novels written in the last year and from those written over fifty years ago. Gretchen Gordon the assistant manager and director of development at KUAC spoke about the event.

"So all over the country right now people are looking at this list saying 'oh my gosh I've read that book or wait I've read that book', and so we are going through the list of one hundred books, some books you wouldn't expect to be on this list, and they are getting to vote for their favorite one," she said.

There were other activities that people could participate in such a trivia quiz and a short screening of the documentary where authors and readers shared testimonials about their most beloved books. Gordon shared what some of her favorites novels were.

"My very? I have two top ones. That's really hard. So my very favorite has to be the Joy Luck Club and my second very favorite is the Handmaids Tale," she said.

The Great American Read was designed to be an educational and community outreach to get the country reading and talking about their love for books.

You can still vote for your favorite novel until October 18 at