Public comment for Denali Environmental Assessment Extended

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The public comment period for an Environmental Assessment from the Denali National Park and Reserve has been extended until June 20th.

A private land owner surrounded by the National Park has requested a Right of Way Certificate (RWCA) and a Special Use Permit.

The park is legally obligated to adequately provide access throughout the park for lienholders.

The park says this will mainly affect those who use participate in activities on the Ruth Glacier.

Chief of external affairs for the National Park, Miriam Valentine, broke down the various options the public can comment on.

"It is a range of alternatives that we provide, from don't do anything, because they have constructed a helipad on their land, so access already exists," Valentine said. "Another option is to allow for an additional 35 feet of staircase to be built so that they could access it via fixed wing and land in the Ruth Glacier, because the glacier has receded.

"The third alternative is put the staircase in the RWCA and then allow for sling loads and storage on NPS Park land but under another authorization, a Special Use Permit."

Comments can be submitted at or mailed to Superintendent, Denali National Park and Preserve, P.O. Box 9, Denali Park, AK 99755.