Public Survey Results Presented at Chamber of Commerce Luncheon

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - The Alaska Chamber of Commerce conducts a survey every year to get an idea for how Alaskan residents are feeling about the economy and the state's direction.
At the Fairbanks chamber of commerce luncheon today, the results of this survey were presented.
Of the 800 Alaskan voters surveyed, the majority believe the state is on the wrong track, they are split on whether to implement taxes or not, and they are still very protective of their permanent fund dividend.
The Alaska Chamber president and CEO spoke on how residents seem to feel about state spending.

"People are not 100% decided on all the solutions, whether they want to see a reduction of state spending, or they want to see a spending cap, those were over by 70% so clearly that's where people kinda want to go. But they're pessimistic about where the economy is today," said Curtis Thayer, President and CEO of Alaska Chamber.

Also at the Chamber luncheon, Senator Pete Kelly spoke about the controversial senate bill 26 proposed by Governor Bill Walker.

"It's a structure on that account that saves it, that actually stabilizes it, so that the dividend and other funds will be available well into the future for our kids and our grand kids," said Senator Pete Kelly.

The bill passed the senate and the house, and is now awaiting the governor's signature.