Professor Briefs Business Owners on Value of Continued Education, Workforce Development

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - In recognition of 'National Career and Technical Education Month', the Fairbanks Chamber of Commerce invited Professor of Early Childhood Education, Patricia Meritt, to speak on the Community and Technical College at UAF, and how it's positively impacting Alaska's economy.
Presently, the Community and Technical College serves 2,900 students per semester and has prepared over 2,000 students for Alaska jobs in the last three years.
The Technical College offers over 40 different degrees and programs, with some reporting heavy web-based attendance, meaning students can learn from anywhere.
According to Meritt, CTC is a wise investment for the community, with one dollar of state investment returning two dollars in work force development and education services.
When asked about the importance of keeping Alaska graduates in the state to fill jobs, Meritt said that in order to have a strong economy, we must have a strong educational system.

Patricia Meritt; Professor of Early Childhood Education>>"We just know that a well-educated workforce is going to be one that promotes our society and builds our community so if we can grow our community by having them get education here and then become workers here and build businesses, operate childcare programs then we have a positive effective spiral for a wonderful community to live in and raise our families in."