Preliminary results from municipal election

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - We have the preliminary results from Tuesday's Municipal Election:

Bryce Ward is likely the new Borough mayor with 51% of the vote, Nadine Winters has 24%, Christopher Quist with 17% and Robert Shields with 6%.

For Borough Assembly Seat A, it was a close race with Marna Sanford at 49.77% and Sam Tuck at 49.35%.

Borough Assembly Seat F had Liz Lyke at 43%, Jeffrey Rentzel with 36%, and Blaze Brooks with 18%.

Borough Assembly Seat G had Leah Berman Williams with 47%, Hank Bartos had 39%, and Michael Holland finished with 12%.

For school board, Seat A the contest was close with Erin Morotti earning 49.50% of the votes, and Robert Kinnard III earning 48.79%.

School Board Seat B had Chrya Sanderson with 51% of the vote and Mike Kenna with 46%.

For the Interior Gas Utility Board, At-Large Seat A, Pamela Throop ran uncontested and got 95% of the votes with write-in votes taking 5%.

For IGU Board At-Large Seat B, Mary Nordale earned the post with 43%, Scott Eickholt getting 36%, and Jessica Garron had 19%.

On to the borough propositions: Proposition one on general obligation bonds for capital improvements did not pass. There were 55% no votes, and 44% yes votes.

Proposition two, to increase property taxes for revenue to go to the facilities maintenance reserve fund, that proposition failed as well with 61% voting no, and 38% voting yes.

Proposition three establishes maximum allowable tax revenues, and that was passed with 64 % voting yes and 35% voting no.

Proposition four revoking the borough's authority to implement air quality programs passed with 53% voting yes, and 46% voting no.

City of Fairbanks, City Council Seat A went to Shoshana Kun, with 43%, Andrew Thompson had 21% and Jim Clark had 32%.

For City Council Seat B, June Rogers won with 47%, Lloyd Hilling had 36%, and Marcey Luther had 14%.

For City Council Seat D, Kathy Ottersten won with 57% of the vote and Jonathon Bagwill had 41%.

For the City of North Pole, Mike Welch is likely the new mayor with 52%, Thomas McGhee had 46%. And all of North Pole's ballot issues passed. We are still waiting on the questioned and absentee ballots to be counted for the official results.