Police Chief Jewkes Speaks on Retirement

FAIRBANKS, Alaska - After the announcement of Chief Eric Jewkes retirement, we sat down and asked him if his decision was politically motivated and what he would tell his officers and Fairbanks residents.

"No it has no political ramifications, I'm not political. I am an apolitical person, and the position of chief, I believe is a relatively apolitical position, so it certainly has nothing to do with the poitics of the position within Fairbanks, I am extremely happy with my relationship with the mayor and the city council and the city administration, so it has absolutely nothing to do with the other drama or contentiousness around city politics.
Keep up the good work. I mean often times the go out there and they do a very hard job, and its thankless and people don't, people aren't often happy with the results that they get because the rules of the game, or whatever it may be. But I believe that the citizens of Fairbanks and the community of Fairbanks and those officers. They appreciate you. So keep your head up, enjoy your job, and know that what you're doing matters, because I do believe that what we do here at the police department, the profession of policing matters.
You often come into this position wondering. I had a tremendous amount of respect for the position of chief of police. And so you often come into this job from the first day to some days, weekly, am I ready for this? Am I everything this position deserves, and so for Fairbanks and the Mayor to trust me with this position and the citizens of Fairbanks to trust me, its been an honor and I want to thank them for all opportunities they've provided."