Polaris Building Demolition on the Horizon

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - One of the longstanding buildings in downtown Fairbanks may soon be leaving the area.
The Polaris Building has been described as an eye-sore, and has raised concerns about safety and on Monday the Fairbanks City Council took a major step in curbing these worries.

Fairbanks Mayor Jim Matherly has been upset at the owner’s lack of upkeep, “It's been a joke the way they've managed that property."
For over a decade, the city of Fairbanks has battled with Mark Marlow and his property.

Council David Pruhs who is also a part of the Polaris Working Group put for an ordinance to help the city gain ownership of the building.
“It's time for us to get this done," he said.

Lavelle's Tap house is one of the closest neighbors of the Polaris.
Owner Arlette Eagle-Lavelle, is also concerned about safety, “Whether it's a coat of paint and some steel doors so that nobody can get inside that's great but just somebody taking some ownership over the building that has not been done for many, many years would be great."

The building has been abandoned for 16 years and the city hasn't received an official response from Marlow since 2012.
Just over 36 thousand dollars is owed to the Borough in back taxes, which the Polaris Working Group is currently raising funds for the city to pay back these taxes, which would give ownership of the building to the City of Fairbanks.
The Polaris Working Group has raised just over $19,311, but $17,021 is still needed.
No city funding will be used for this project.