Phone scammers claim to be raising money for Fairbanks Fire Dept., EMS

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - A new phone scam is targeting residents. Callers are claiming to be raising money for the Fairbanks Fire Department and EMS. According to City Communications Director Teal Soden, the Fairbanks Fire Department has received several calls from people asking about the alleged fundraiser.

One person who received this phone call actually is a Fairbanks firefighter. Soden says phone scams like this seem to be on the rise and those most at risk of becoming victims are the elderly. To make matters worse, the numbers often appear to be local. Soden says the callers will typically hang up if asked questions and that the best way to avoid falling for these scams is to call the organization directly.

"In this day and age, it is not a good idea to give money to an unknown organization that calls you, and if it is a known organization and you are interested donating to that organization, it's just best to give them a call to see if they are hosting a fundraiser," she said.

Soden says the Fairbanks Fire Department has assured callers they do not fund-raise or ask for donations over the phone.