Pet of the Week: Willow the lab mix

FAIRBANKS, Alaska This lab mix won't 'leaf' you 'weeping'... she's a 'diamond' in the "ruff".

Our Pet of the Week this week is Willow, a two year old lab mix. (John Doughtery/KTVF)

Meet Willow in the latest installment of News 13's 'Pet of the Week.'

"Hi, I'm Kimberly and this weeks, 'Pet of the Week' is Willow. Willow is a two year old lab mix. Most likely mixed with a pit bull like dog.

She is at the shelter for her second time because she experiences some separation anxiety.

Willow is a really affectionate girl, she is a really happy dog and she really loves to play with people and with other dogs. Willow does have a prey drive so she can't go to a home with smaller animals including small dogs. We always encourage mutual visits with other dogs in the home so that you make sure that they have a good dynamic and get along very well.

Willow would do really good if there was a dog that was calmer and more confident to teach her how to be calm when her owners aren't around. She also will do better in a home where people are home quite a bit of the time. They don't have to be home all of the time but quite a bit of the time.

Willow is a bit of an escape artist and she does like to chew things when she is anxious.

She has been doing really well here at the shelter, but she does get stressed, you know, not being with people and she would really like to have companionship most of the day.

Willow is house broken and she does like riding in a car. She can be kenneled as long as it's not a flimsy wire crate because she does have some experience breaking out of kennels.

There are some calming supplements, and also some veterinarians can work with medications if you want to help her that way to transition into your home and into normal dog life, there is a lot of options for behavioral dogs. And Willow has a lot of other dog friends at the shelter looking for loving homes as well."