Pet of the Week: Snowball the bunny

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska He is a hare that is as white as snow; here's Snowball the bunny in our latest installment of 'Pet of the Week.'

"Hi I'm Kimberly and this week's pet of the week is Snowball. Snowball is almost two years old. He is a rabbit that was adopted by the shelter a little over a year ago. He had originally come to the shelter as a stray, but he has lived with a family for over a year as a pet rabbit where he uses his litter box really well and he has a lot of confidence so he will explore any area and be really interactive with his family. Snowball is a little bit of a larger rabbit. so he will be a little more difficult to accommodate with cages because a lot of cages are meant for made for smaller rabbits but he will need a lot of exercise and a smaller room or a puppy play pen would work for those types of things, because it is really important for rabbits to get a lot of exercise because they are made to hop and leap and do all kinds of physical things. He is a really nice rabbit and he is easy to handle so really friendly interactive kind of a pet. He would be difficult for a child to hold because of his size because rabbits are really fragile. He needs a diet of mostly hay and fresh water always, and some fresh treats and rabbits like him really enjoy playing in the yard if you have a safe fenced in area for him to hop around in where he won't get picked on by other types of animals. Snowball has never lived with other types of pets, but he would probably do well if he was kept safely from them. Usually other pets are the more challenging aspects when introducing a rabbit into the home. Snowballs looking forward to joining another family where he can be a great indoor member of the family where he keeps his area clean. He has other dog, cat, and rabbit friends, as well as turtle’s friends, looking for loving homes at the shelter."