Pet of the Week: Rosehip and Fireweed

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska - "Hi I'm Kimberly and this week's pets of the week are Rosehip and Fireweed." said Kimberly. "They are six month old female mice who have been at the shelter looking for a loving home for a while. They are really cute little girls. They like to run on their wheel together and they just do cute little mouse things every day. Mice are really neat little pets, they don't take up a lot of space, and they are pretty low maintenance. Big cage cleanings only need to happen once a week, and fresh food and water every day. They like treats and do a lot of interesting things in their cage if you give them different things to make little nests with or crawl around on or exercise on. They can be very friendly and very interactive also, a lot less demanding than a dog if you don't have that kind of time and commitment. They are really sweet girls and we are hoping that they can a really loving home together because they are buddies and they can entertain each other when their people are gone. Rosehip and Fireweed also have dog and rabbit friends and cat friends looking for loving homes as well."