Pet of the Week: Minnie the guinea with a big heart

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FAIRBANKS, Alaska Kimberly Imbert, animal tender at Fairbanks North Star Borough Animal Shelter, spoke about this week’s pet of the week - Minnie.

“This week's pet of the week is Minnie. Minnie is a two year old guinea pig who was brought back to the shelter because she had spent some time in foster care where she had some babies.

All of her children have found loving homes but now it is Minnie's turn.

She is really hoping that she can find a loving home. Guinea pigs are really great pets, especially if you haven't had one, or [have had] a pet before and you are looking for one to kind of start with, they are very affectionate and really personable.

They are not just like something that will ignore you and be in a cage, but they are not as high maintenance as some.

So if you are really busy and don't have time to exercise something like a dog, a guinea pig might be a really good option for you.

Minnie is really well socialized, she does well with adults and children and she has been around other guinea pigs so she does know how to make guinea pig friends, although if you are introducing her to other girl guinea pigs you should do it slowly because just like any other animal they don't like a new roommate right away.

Guinea pigs are pretty easy to care for they just need to keep a clean cage, you know they're owners help to keep it clean, fresh water lots of hay and vitamin C.

Boy guinea pigs could be neutered so that she could have a boyfriend, but typically you want to keep same sex pairs around because they are social animals and they do enjoy having friends in a little community to hang out with all the time.

Minnie has a lot of other small animal friends looking for loving homes at the shelter as well, she has other guinea pig friends, hamsters, and dogs and cats as well, and rabbits."