Pet of the Week: Loki the Alaskan husky

FAIRBANKS, Alaska He may be mischievous... but this super hero won't play any tricks as he works his magic on your heart.

'Pet of the Week' this week is Loki. Loki is a one year old Alaskan husky. (John Dougherty/KXDF)

Meet Loki in this edition of News 13's 'Pet of the Week.'

"My name is Sarah, I am here at the borough animal control shelter, and our 'Pet of the Week' this week is Loki. Loki is a one year old Alaskan husky. He is still very much a goofy puppy. He doesn't have a whole lot of obedience or training yet, he has lived most of his life outside. But being so young he is still very capable of learning. He doesn't have any formal training but he comes from a musher line so if you are interested in skijoring or K-9 cross, he would be a great buddy to learn to do that with you.

He has lots of energy, he needs a family who is very active and dedicated to giving him the training and attention that he needs. He's learning to be house broken, but he is still going to need some work with that.

We are not sure how he does around babies, but with children we probably recommend he goes to a family with little bit older kids probably over five since he is so rambunctious, we don't want him to overwhelm them, and accidentally knock them over or anything like that.

He is very friendly and loves to play, he likes to play fetch.

He can be vocal so he may not be great for an apartment. He needs lots of stimulation and things to engage his hyper little brain for him to be a good boy. He is young and ready to learn and ready to go out and have a nice adventurous family to spend his life with.

Loki has several other friends here at the shelter who are looking for good homes. Lots of other dogs, several cats and a bunny. Come by and find your next little friend."